Hey!  Glad you’ve made it here.  I’m Ryan, and at the end of 2011, aged 31, having saved up some cash, I finally took the plunge and decided I was going traveling – something I’d pondered, discussed, researched and generally tip-toed around for ten years… there just always seems to be something stopping me or getting in the way?!

I was born, raised and now live (mostly) in the remote Shetland Isles – yes, where the ponies are from – the most northerly group of islands in the UK.  Shetland is a unique and friendly place, with a rich culture and interesting history, but it’s also isolated and suffers from some pretty horrendous weather.
Being a “Sheltie” is a large part of everyone’s identity, especially when we venture away from the safe well known little Islands, which believe it or not happens with surprising frequency – Shetlanders are everywhere!  I’ll probably make a few trips back to Shetland during my travels so I’d imagine I’ll have a few Posts from Shetland.

Having done a certain amount of traveling already, (see my Going Solo post) it’s given me some good experience, so I’m not completely naive – when I first went to university I’d never been on a plane or a train before!  And coming from a place where you know most people, makes the unknown world seem like a big place.


But the more I traveled the more I enjoyed it, however its taken time for me to finally  decide to go solo.  I knew I wanted to travel, but these days I’ve found more of my friends don’t just have jobs, they have careers, and often a mortgage and family along with it, so I had little option but to do it myself.


Why set up a blog?  Well I debated it as I know it can be time consuming, and a friend once told me about the people he met on trips who were more obsessed with their blogs than the actual experience.
However, while researching some trips I found some personal blogs quite useful and sometimes even inspiring.
So thats the aim of my blog, to tell you how I’ve broken out and done it, and maybe inspire you along the way – if it hadn’t been for the inspiring people I met on my first couple of snowboarding trips, I probably wouldn’t be doing this now.


What am I doing?  I’m a new but passionate snowboarder, and having tried (and failed miserably) to kiteboard in the Dominican Republic I’m determined to get to grips with that too.  I’m also looking forward to rekindling my love of SCUBA diving, amongst all the other adventure sports I’d like to try, or get better at, like white water rafting, sky diving, mountain biking, climbing and surfing to mention a few.

Tour and do adventure sports around the globe… that’s the idea!


I’ve not made a plan, marked out a route or bought a round-the-world ticket.  There’s certain places I want to experience, but I want to be flexible and take it all as it comes, basically until I run out of money.


What then?  Who knows, but I’m looking forward to finding out.  Hope you are too.